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Five Castles Portraits experience


A meaningful photography experience for the whole family.

At Five Castles Portraits, we want your portrait experience to be nothing short of amazing.

From our first meeting, where we get to know each other, through a memorable session, that's fun and natural, to the design consultation, where you get to see your portriats for the first time and select a suitable display solutions for your home.

Celebrate your relationships! We focus on what you love about each other

It's not about what you look like, it's about what you love about each other, the personalities and relationships that are so precious.

It's not about smiling at the camera, it's about the interactions and loving looks, the laughs and connections.

Truly personal process

Photography needs to be personal in order to create meaningful portraits that represent the true you. The photographer needs to know you before they take out the camera, you need to know the artist in order to open up in front of the lens.

At Five Castles Portraits, you'll be treated as an individual and your story becomes our inspiration.

Unposed, natural and fun

Our secret lies with the way Arek is with people, big and small. His jovial personality and disarming sense of humour make the staunchest enjoy the fun process. Awkward posing is replaced by games that foster interactions and real connections that make relationships crystalize for that perfect portrait.

About the photographer

Arek Rainczuk, APP

Arek is a Melbourne based, award-winning photographer, accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Born and raised in Europe, Arek always enjoyed photographing people and his surroundings, but it was not until he migrated to Australia and resigned from a PhD in Molecular Biology that he pursued his passion professionally, launching the Five Castle Portraits brand in 2011.

Arek’s signature style is clean, contemporary and natural, bringing out the true personality of his subjects in a fun and spontaneous way. Arek’s technical knowledge combined with his emotionally-intelligent approach to his artform, and creative intuition work together to create beautiful portraits that can be shared and displayed today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

His philosophy is all about celebrating what we care the most, be it our family, partner or pets, he can also help with meaningful business portraits.

What we stand for


Our castles represent a fortress, a safe place that protects the things that are most valuable to you- the people and relationships that are priceless, timeless and unique...

Each of our Five Castles is a stronghold specifically designed for one of our 5 client categories to match their needs and exceed expectations.

At Five Castles Portraits we aim to make your family photography session memorable in more than the obvious way, we want your children to remember this day, to cherish the parents you are now and know their place in the family for years to come.


To celebrate relationships and transform lives through

appreciation and preservation, for generations to come,

of what people value most in life.

To provide Melbourne's most meaningful

portrait photography experience.



because happiness is the road, not the destination. Therefore, we’ll find joy in everything we do, or have someone else do it.


because being genuine and real is the foundation of happiness. Therefore, we won’t abandon our values and we will strive to create an authentic portrait of the real you.


because only by the joint effort we can achieve the best results. Therefore, we work together to create something we all can be proud of.


because we don't want to stay behind. Therefore, we will keep doing things differently, and won’t be happy with what’s not working out.


because only the best will do. Therefore, we set our standards high and always pursue quality in all aspects.

Making a difference

because we share the world with others. Therefore, we give back to the community and strive to transform the lives of our clients.


because we respect you. Therefore, we will never keep you waiting but will expect the same.


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